Tuesday, February 7, 2012@11:03 PM
Kek Lok Si
I'm here to sharing my feeling about Kek Lok Si which the famous place in Penang. I guess everyone might knowing where is the place that I mentioned. Before I continue, I just want to apologize for the lack of updates because i felt tired after step my foots on every stairs.

Anyway, I have a few pictures that I took over with my camera+sista camera yesterday so I’m going to write about the day I went Kek Lok Si with my family.

Well, here is the Kek Lok Si that I mentioned from the start. We step every stairs with over own energy. It makes us feels like hiking up the mountain. We are old. My parents are old. We started to say, TIRED after half an hour later. We bought mineral waters from the shop and continue our "hiking" life there.

This is one of my family members. We do not wore a proper clothes cause we decide in last minute. We went to Penang Road for Chendol and Air Itam for Laksa before we went up to Kek Lok Si.

We begin to tired so stopped by and snapped a few pictures where we were.

After an hour we walking around the Kek Lok Si, we planned to buy tickets to seat cable car to cross over. We wanted to see more about Kek Lok Si and history about Kek Lok Si too.

We were waiting the cable car for five minutes

and we went in after that.

Snapped a picture of us while we were inside the cable car. It's such a crowded place. We used to stand in the cable car for two minutes. Seriously, I count for the timing.

Another pictures of us with our year who born in Dog's year, Rabbit's year and so on.

I love having a short trip with my family. Spending time with my family makes me collect lots of happiness and love from them. I even can know more about them. It's a good lesson while we spending time with our family.  We won't get to spend away the money at shopping malls with friends. It's such a wasted activities we did than comparing spending time with family. Moneys cannot buy our family happiness and love. We should appreciate our family whenever they are free to spend time with us.

Lastly we had bought a few stuff before we went home.

Necklaces with zodiac sign and Lucky Clover.

Key-Chain for Lucky Clover.

No ideas for the name cause it's belongs to my sista.

Two frogy which make from gold which belongs to my mum.

Have a great weekend ahead, and thanks for reading despite me not blogging that often anymore!

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