Tuesday, February 28, 2012@11:48 PM
Have a nice day
February will end really soon! How's it going for you?? I need to plan for things to happen, FAST!!! And i only have one more day left before February ends! So i have to quickly plan what should I do towards him, my future, my studies cause SPM results is coming soon.. I can't even handle it whenever I fail those subject. What can I do now is chilling myself and I wish I can smile happily on 3rd of March which can bring me unforgettable day that time with ALL the love soon.  *HOPE MY WISH WILL COME TRUE*

Hoping March will be an exciting month, fast-paced for me. I can't imagine how fun my birthday goes on that day cause I guess "nobody" will gives me a big surprise and things that I wish for that day.. I guess I'm the only one who feel exciting and can't wait for the day comes. Thinking and planning for myself to makes my day unforgettable. Gosh! I don't even know how to start. Hai~ Maybe i won't attempt to then. Haha. Hoefefully soon, great things will happen. Hopefully soon, my life will be even more great. It's all a matter of time.. I can't even force them to make a party for me if they do not have the "HEART" for me.

Before I says GOODBYE to February, I had a lunch with my family at Dave Dali. I had ordered two sets of meal for myself. I am super duper hungry that time. Can you imagine how hungry I am? Like I had lost for three days and there's no food provided nor drinks. Hahaha*

Spaghetti Bolognaise Chicken

Chicken Chop

This sounds like the perfect life already. We should appreciate the moment we are having right now. There's nothing for you to worry cause you are still young. Be proud of yourself having a good family, life, friends and etc. Can you imagine how bad for those who alive without a parents or food or basic needs? Hmm, I am proud of myself cause my family and friends are around me whenever I'm having problems. My "M" friend come today and it's such a painful and freaks me out. My mum took me out to Queensbay Mall for relaxing and chilling. We bought lots of furniture stuff at Jusco and I even bought two clothes for myself. I'm quite lazy to take photos with my clothes. I promise, I will take photos with it after I had wear it on. I'm appreciate them to spend time with me. I have a great day with them today =]

Before I ends, I have two questions to ask you.
Question Number One : Do you realize I write a lot in these days?
Words everywhere but pictures getting less and less.
Do you know why? 
First, I want to improve my English.
Second, Jackson said writing words is better than replacing pictures in blog. (I do prefer with him sometimes =])
Third, I want to try something new than doing the same things everytimes so my readers won't easy to get bored with it.

Question Number Two : Do you realize my blog looks different than having white and black in previously?
I had bored with my previous skin although my new design looks a lil bit similar but I had added different kind of colours. I want to add slide pictures on top my header but I failed!! I had tried over ten times. It makes me headache and mad. Seriously, I'm sucks with codings =.=

Okay, I'm done writing for today. Have a nice day reading my blog. Goodbye + Good Night

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