Sunday, February 19, 2012@6:05 PM
Ghost Rider in 3D
I better update something in my blog cause it seems i had away for some days.. I guess my readers miss me, right? Or you don't give a damn to miss me yet ignore my blog? I hope it won't happen =]

Alright, back to the topic.. It's just another movie day with my sister yesterday. We watched Ghost Rider in 3D.  Time started at 0945pm so we have to shop awhile in the mall till the time shown.

We go for shopping and stopped by at Brands Outlet. The shop that we love so much cause the clothes is pretty cheap and looks awesome for us although there's no branded. I don't see the shop name but I see the clothes quality. Although how branded the shop is, I won't buy if the clothes looks sucks for me =] I guess there's someone will agree with me if YOU take yourself for shopping everytime.

I bought two shorts for RM70, one long selves for RM29.90 and two kawaii shorts for RM50.

I spent almost RM150 at brands Outlet and my money saving less and less. I gonna stop myself for buying things that I shouldn't buy right now except bag. I wanna buy a new bag for myself. My bag looks sucks and old like a grandma.. Its been two years I never upgrade my bag and now my bags goes dead which I always used for outings.

TIME 0935PM, ROOM LIGHT UP and we go in.. Snap snap a picture before the movie starts.

Sorry if the picture looks sucks for you cause imma using my iPhone 4 front camera to take it. 

Okay thats all!! Have a nice day :)

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