Thursday, January 12, 2012@11:56 PM
We love shopping
Woohoo! Chinese New Year is coming soon. My sisters and I are looking for more clothes at Queensbay Mall. We stopped to Chopper Board for having our dinner before we hang up for shopping.

There's nothing we can do so we started to took out of camera to take every pictures we were having as our memories.

Kelly who is my second sister who was drinking her Choco Ice.

Sharon who is my younger sister is tasting my Chopper Soup.

Me! I'm drinking a warm water. PITY ME*

I never knew my lil sister is taking picture =.= WHAT A SILLY ACT I'M HAVING =.=

Done eating then we starting to SHOPPINGGGGGGGGGG =]

Three t-Shirt for RM50 so we bought six t-Shirt

My laces singlet. Three for RM45

Shoes in the house =]

After tiring for shopping, we dropped to chatime for drinks but badly there are a lot of people who are lining up. We give up for buying them and go for McDonald ice-cream.

My favourite Sundae Stawberry =]

And their Sundae Chocolate =]

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