Thursday, January 19, 2012@1:26 PM
The Viral Factor

Sisters and I were watching "THE VIRAL FACTOR" starring by Nicholas Tse and Jay Chou. I watched this movie because of my favourite Jay Chou! I couldn't find any large size wallpaper in the net so I decided to enlarged it.. Posted out my ticket here to prove I had watched and it's also 18 pl movie.

In the movie Nicholas Tse and Jay Chou play the brothers Wan Yang and Wan Fei, in the movie Nicholas Tse plays a thief, Jay Chou gets to handle many heavy artillery.

In the movie Nicholas Tse didn't use a stunt double for a lot of the dangerous action scenes, he completed them all himself. Nicholas Tse remembers one scene where he jumped from 7 to 8 stories high into a trunk of a car and then rolls off and continues running. This scene was done in "one take", and they didn't use a double. Nicholas Tse says, "When I went into the crew, my life went in too."

But Jay Chou said, "I didn't think like he did 'playing with life', I've still got a lot of fans."

Lastly, we captured a few pictures using my sister, Kelly, her Samsung Galaxy Ace camera with 5megapixel.

Me with my outfits =]

My elder sister, Shirley and My second sister, Kelly.

My sister and I

Me and my elder sister.

Kelly my second sister

Oh yeah! Three of us is going up up to the theaters.

The Viral Factor Official Trailer #1 - Jay Chou Movie 2012

Click play to see the trailer ASAP =]

Lastly, I tied up my hair when we had reached home.

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