Wednesday, January 25, 2012@2:20 AM
Small trip
HI EVERYONE :) I just returned from my two days small trip in Butterworth with my friend's Jackson. He brings me everyone by car. It's quite enjoying with him and the place that I never been before.  I took a lot of pictures with  Canon 1000HS and HTC XE Camera. It's quite awesome with HTC XE Camera. It looks like taken from DSLR. I'm BIGGEST FAN OF CAMERA. I can't live without a camera whenever I go. Camera makes me keep a lots of memories that unforgettable for me.

Here is my first small pictures at somewhere that I do not know the road name! Kidda fool huh? Well, I having a walked with Jackson. I wanted to for a very long time but I no one was here for me to do as well. Luckily, Jackson was here for me to bring me there. What a great person? We took about 15minutes to walked from a long distance.

Here comes a pictures that I taken while I'm walking:

Sky blue is my favourite colour =]

I'm resting under a hot Sun but I still feel happy =]

Smiling under a hot Sun again =]

#01: The view I saw while walking =]

#02 : View 

#03 : We are still walking in a long distance

My new shoes =]

#04 : Grasses under a hot Sun.

#05 : View view viewwwwwww

We stopped by and took a few pictures here. The grass grow healthy and even feel a lil cold while I across the tress, grass and things are green in colour.

Tress i like. =] I love seeing two trees and full of grasses around it. It makes me feel the romance and love while seeing it. It's pretty cool bringing boyfriend/girlfriend walking a long distance with you. It won't feel any tired or legs pain whenever they are beside us.

I captured birds with sky blue =]

We still having a very long distance to walk thought!

After a few minutes taken, we had reached a ending line.

Here is the ending line. We used to walked back where we started. Walking makes us good for healthy and we can breath with a fresh air. There's no bad environment yet a lot of good air are around us. Farmers and Fisherman are there so we won't feel afraid to be caught by stranger cause they might helps in whenever we had problems, i guess. Someone will here for me if I'm having an injured =]

#06 : Picture without a name. I guess I stated a dead coconut?

Alright, it's me with a view behind me. Pictures taken from Jackson's HTC XE CAMERA with 8.0 Mega Pixel. Isn't looks greats comparing with iPhone's camers?


#08 : I'm walking with a botol of Mineral Water.

#09 : I'm taking picture of my shoes and Jackson took my picture from behind.

#10 : I'm promoting my Canon 1000HS with pink in colour.
Who wanna buy this camera from me?

#11 : Another picture of me. I'm taking picture of the grasses + view. You can see it pictures I took above. There are so many grasses. You can't even plucked the grasses by yourself. It might takes a lot of time cutting off the grass. 

#12 : Me again with my camera.

We takes a few pictures together before we walk back. One picture tells a lots of stories and it mean for us too.









I'm too lazy to describe one by one of the picture that I've uploaded here. I use to put "#" to replaced it.

I can see sunset in front of my eyes. It's awesome seeing sunset with your friend/boyfriend around you.




I having a great day with Jackson who takes me somewhere I never been before at Butterworth. I'm quite enjoying yet appreciatee a friend like you.

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