Thursday, January 5, 2012@11:06 PM
Shopping day
I spent my whole day with Joan and SY at 1st Avenue for updating clothes for Chinese New Year. It could be awesome to wear new clothes on that day. They accompanied for shopping although they had been there for last two days ago. Kidda thankful with their company. They always been there for me but I'm not. I feeling so mean to treat them like this. Hmmm* Well, we basically spent the whole day together, it was a pretty fun day for me even though they do not felt it.

This is my outfit. Two singlet from Cotton On and a Jeans from M E S S Y . C O.

It's kidda casual with my outfit today. Hmm, actually I use to wear for Chinese New Year but I don't know why I feel like wearing it out today. The clothes talked to me and asked me to choose the clothes to wear it on. HAHA*

Capture a few pictures while we were standing in front of the mirror. Kidda less we take pictures with three of us.. 

Then we dropped at Brands Outlet cause there was a sale. PROMOTION! PROMOTION! ON SALE, ON SALE! I love buying clothes with discount because I can save my money to get an extra clothes.

I bought three singlet with different colours. (Purple, Red, Yellow)


Thanks to Brands Outlet who present me a glass of cup with their logo on it.

I did take a few photos in the fitting room.. 

Badly, I can't take nice picture cause my teeth. It's still hurt, my lips are dry and even get flu. I hopefully I can recover as soon as possible.

Lastly, thanks my friend who bought me a pudding with honey to stay me healthy.

That's all for today. GOODBYE!

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