Friday, January 13, 2012@11:50 PM

Nail World? You went to nail world? You really went to Nail World?, asked my sisters. Yes, I do went to Nail World along with my bestie, May Yin to colour our pretty fingers nails and our pretty toes nails. New nails colours + Chinese New Year = Happy Chinese New Nails Year =] I kidda fool with the jokes imma saying..

OMG!! THERE ARE A LOT OF COLOURS IN NAIL WORLD SHOP!! How I gonna to figure out the colour for my nails?


May Yin is started to do but I'm not =[

I still can't figure out my colours for my hands + nails but May Yin is doing her next hand =[

Okay, It's my turn =] My dirty leg.. Hahahaha*

It's colouring my toes =]

Done colouring! Switch on Nail Drier for a few minutes =] Waiting*

We had finished our pretty nails. May Yin had picked Jelly Red and I picked Maroon for toes and Purple+Dark pink for my finger nails.

What do you think with our nails? Looks great?

We took a few pictures with our friends, Kerry.

Me, May Yin, Kerry

Me and May Yin

Me and Kerry

May Yin and Kerry
Five pictures credit by May Yin with her Nikon DSLR =] )

Lastly, my pictures with my new colour for my nails + my grey lens. 
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