Monday, January 30, 2012@11:13 PM
Such a hungry day. I keep eating non stop to make myself fattier then we stopped by to Italiannies Pasta Plazza and Vino Restaurant for dinner. The Italiannies Pasta Plazza & Vino Restaurant is located at Paragon Gurney. The view sounds great for me cause I got Itally feeling whenever I went in for a dinner. We went there around 8pm and started to waited for seat for 15minutes. My stomach started to said, "I AM HUNGRYYYYYYYYY! START EATING PLEASE =.="


It means, if I do EAT WELL so i can LIVE LONGer =] Hahahahaha*

The place looks pretty awesome for me.

Garlic Bread with the sauce =]

Orange Juice XD

Me with the silly act. I never noticed my friend took a picture of mine with my camera. I ponder while I was eating bread. LOL!

Btw, I ordered:

Classic Caesar with Piccolo size.
It's Italian style with toasted focaccia croutons.
We sharing the salad with each other.

Turkey Ham Fettuccine 
It's Fettuccine pasta sauteed with a medley of mushrooms, turkey ham and peas with cream.
Gosh! This is yummy for me XD

Spaghetti Vongole.
Fresh clams sauteed with garlic, tomatoes, homemade broth, white wine and olive oil.
I'm full and I shared with my friend.

We paid with Debit Card after we had done eating. Look Look! The price cost unreasonable! Gaaah! My money gonna fly up high awayyyy =[ I will never went there for food again although the place is quite classic, romantic and... *SPPECHLESS* 


Cakes are loves. We had a desert at Winter Warmer. Can you believe me i'm eating both of this cakes? GOSH!! MY TUMMY GETTING BIGGER LIKE A PREGNANT MUMMY. AWAY WITH OILLY FOOD NOW =[ so please, stopped here!


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