Monday, January 23, 2012@3:03 AM
Happy Chinese New Year
It's almost 3am now but I'm still awake facing my lappie to impress my feeling with my grandparents, family & relatives. We reunion in my grandparent's house today. It's such a big day for celebrating Chinese New Year.

I'm glad meeting my relatives on reunion dinner day. Badly, I can't shared my relatives + the foods we were having at my grandparent's house. I'm too busy to prepare food and rice to welcome my relatives cause my grandparent are old and they do not have much energy still preparing food and drinks to welcome us.

My mum and my lil sister, Sharon.

Me and my sister.


What a waste I never take pictures with them =[ Anyway, Happy Chinese New Year to all of you. I wish everyone will success in their job, studies and etc. In addition, always take good care our health. May all wishes come true! All the best and stay strong in Dragon year for this year.

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