Sunday, January 8, 2012@9:14 PM
Food I love

I am so suffering with my sickness today.. It's killing me after eating medicine. It makes me felt dizzy. Like everything is spinning around round and round but I feeling a lil better after taking my nap for four hours.

A moment later, I had a simple day outing with my mummy and sister in Air Itam for Asam Laksa. Mum encouraged me to eat some sweet drinks to makes me feel better than getting more dizzy.

So yeah, I ordered a desert which named as "See Kua Th'ng" in chinese. It's my favourite and it cost cheap about RM2.50.

Another drink for myself. Guess what is this drink? Hmm, its........ sugarcane juice. It's kidda fresh drinks cause they started to do after we ordered it. Fresh drinks are always done after ordering from customers. It ain't same like others.

Lastly, I ordered Asam Laksa!! It's awesome awesome and awesome laksa in Penang. I love eating laksa even though I ill badly now. =[  When I'm going to be alright? *SAD FACE*

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