Tuesday, January 24, 2012@11:56 PM
I crazy going out with my families taking ang pao from my relatives. It's been such a great and awesome days with my family cuz for me it's really important to be with my family to welcome Chinese New Year every year. They are one of my companied in my life. Well,  here comes third day for celebrating.

Outfit of the day.
Top : Cotton On, Bottom : Brands Outlet,  Accessories : Queenie

Today is a reunion day with my relatives at Chee's family @ Our House. The most I did is preparing Chinese New Year food on the dining table to welcome my relatives in =]
(I'm gonna take lots of Ang Pao from them.. Yeepeeeeeeeeeeeeee* I need a lot of luck this year cause I see different horoscope that said this year Dog's year will be awkful and bad luck =[)


Can't stop my eyes to see it !


My cousin lil sister. 
(She's not crying but she does not allowed me to take her picture. )

Sister of mine.

It's my turn who in front of the camera taken by my sister. I'm enjoying drinking wine at home. It's my first time tasted wine. I guess it almost same like beer because it ain't taste as sweet as what I heard from my dad and others.

I don't dare to drink everything. I tasted a lil bit and straight pass it to my mum who sit near me. Grr.. I'm sucks in drinking wine. Wine should be nice to drink and use to relax while drinking but badly I'm not. I kidda stress while drinking it. The taste it sucks for me. LOL!

Red wine with one of my Ang Pao.

We went up to play swing. My beloved when I'm young..  Badly, I can't even play again because nobody accompany and I feel scary and weird if I go playground all by myself.

Apparently I never notice I took a lot of pictures today. I keep concentrate with my camera too much much till I forgotten my family and my relatives.  Gaaa! Don't mad at me guys =]

Emo girl holding her doggy doll at her bed.


Before they go home, we took a few pictures but badly it ain't at my camera. I have to waited till they send me through via email so this is one of the picture with my cousin sister.

Lastly, my family and I went to Q Garden Steamboat

Forgotten to take the rest of the dish because I'm busying eating to full my stomach =]

My whole family pictures but not really prefect pictures for me =[

Cut 1

Cut 2

Happy Chinese New Year again. 
I guess I had upload too much photo for this post. It gonna boom out now..
I have to run so GOODBYE =]

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