Friday, January 27, 2012@1:23 PM
I clur my hair again and again. I don't know why I love doing clur than straighten. I feel there is nothing special with my straighten.. It makes me feel like a little girl with aged 10. LOL! I went to Hair Molly Studio for my curl. I trusted them cause they really take good care my hair as well. I feel like asking somebody to sponsor me for my hair? So I can do whenever I want. I spend too much money for my hair instead of buying useful things.

Look look! My face holidng an iPhone 4 taking picture. LOL! 

Did I cut my hair shorter? 
No, I'm not. My hair puts behind to perm my hair using Digital Perm. I should have a spa perm than digital cause spa looks more natural but I can't use that. The hairstylist told me I'm not use to it because I had straighten my hair two months ago. I have to give up with the natural curl =[

I'm sitting on the chair within four hours. It kills my butt :/ Luckily, they provided me a soft pillow for me with a tea served. Thank god that I found a trusted hairstylist for myself. 

After four hours pain in the ass,

Hmm, I will show you my hair after two months later.

So what do you think about my hair? Does it suit me or look older than before? =[ 

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