Tuesday, January 17, 2012@12:45 PM
I'm preparing for outing with my friend to Queensbay Mall to get Aerolines Ticket to Kuala Lumpur on Chinese New Year season but badly it's full so I can't give a damn to visit Kuala Lumpur this year. =.=

Everyone did asked me what kind of lens I'm wearing so I wore Sweet3tone in  grey colour for outing today.

This lens is very suitable for everyone. You will look great if you make up for eye linear, eye brow.
Come and grab it if you are interested with this lens.
Visit us at @ MESSY.CO

I bought a drinks in this shop. 

ORDER HERE!! =]  *I'm ordering now XD*

She's started to doing our drinks with the machine !


I ordered Milo with Oreo Cookies and Cream with RM7 large.

My friend's drinks and mine.

Lastly, I bought :

LadyBird Minipol Ear Cap.

My new iPhone case for Chinese New Year season.

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