Sunday, January 15, 2012@8:12 PM
I having shopping with my parents at Queensbay Mall but not Gurney Plaza as what my mum promised me yesterday. Is kidda emo but at least I can buy things that I had listed down. Before I go, I went to Digi Centre to took one of my sim card for my phone cause it can't use it for my new phone since I had cut into a small size for my iPhone 4.


I feel sleepy while I'm waiting for the Digi worker typing my full information into the computer. 

It had been five minutes and I still sitting there =.=
Ms Digi, I wanna go shopping but not waiting you for so long 

I'm done sitting there and started to shop with my new braSSSSSSSSSSSSSS =] I am panicked with different kind of bra every shop. At last I dropped myself into THE LINGERIE SHOP which I always buy bras there. I wanted to go LaZenDa but badly it's crowded. I hate crowded and noisy place! The Lingerie Shop is a better choice! 
I guess every girls want a comfortable bra, right? Guys, don't feel shy or bad reaction whenever you see this post because you have to learn. You future wife is in your hands =]

Four different bras with different price.
I bought different kind of bra because I wear in different ways. Every bras have different design and pattern.

My colourful panties with love. It's cheap and good quality :D

My grey pyjamas <3

This is what I had bought in Queensbay Mall for two hours. I guess it's quite fast for two hours shopping because I research all bra's shop before I go. It wouldn't waste our time to search one by one when we have not much time to see. Searching stuff is one of a good hobby to do whenever we are bored. It can finds out more information than doing nothing at house.

Lastly, I got my Sony Ericsson Txt with white in colour.

Isn't it look almost like blackberry? I feel like buying blackberry but badly i'm not rich enough to buy it so decided to buy Sony Ericsson Txt to replace Blackberry. It's super duper cool button whenever you text someone or everytime you capture a photo. Honestly, this phone ain't good in camera compared with my previous Nokia but this Keypad is 100% better than Nokia.. Nice to type everything I want with easy way.

This picture was taken with my Sony Ericsson Txt phone. 
Badly, it do not have front camera. Hmm, it's enough for me cause most of the photos are taken with my Canon Ixus 1000HS =]

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